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Statement Overview

Nelnet Makes it Easy to Stay Up To Date on Your Student Loan Information

Nelnet sends monthly billing statements for each account approximately three weeks before your due date, either via a paper statement sent to your address or electronically to your account (based on your preference). If you are currently in school, in your loan’s grace period, in a deferment, or in forbearance, you may not receive a monthly statement.

Your Payment Due Could Be $0.00

If you receive a statement for $0 due, it may mean you have paid extra in the past that fully covered this month's payment amount, or your current repayment plan requires no payment at this time or you are just entering repayment and no payment is due at this time. You can always pay more without penalty, which will reduce your total cost of borrowing and save you money in the long run.

If you are not required to make a payment this month, you won't be considered past due if you don't make a payment or pay less than your regular monthly payment amount. However, we encourage you to continue paying as much as you can, because interest may continue to accrue on your outstanding principal balance.

For more information on how payments are allocated across your student loans, see How Payments are Allocated.

Your Payment Could Be More Than It Usually Is

Your current amount due may be higher if your most recent payment did not cover the current amount due, your lower payment plan has expired, or you are on a plan that increases your payment amount incrementally. To verify, log on to your account or call us at 888.486.4722.

Your statement is just a snapshot of your account. Accurate, up-to-date information is always available, along with due dates, payment amounts, and other account details, in your account.

Understanding Your Monthly Billing Statement

Accounts beginning with the letter "E" (loans that were originated or currently owned by the Department of Education)
Accounts beginning with the letter "D" or "J"

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