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How to Create an Account

To access your student loan information at, you’ll first need to create your online account.

We’ll guide you through a brief process of providing important information (so we can make sure you’re you!). Then you’ll select a username and password (following these rules), and set up security questions and a security image in case you ever forget your password. Once you’ve registered, we’ll ask you a few questions to customize your account so it works best for you. So, let’s get started.


The information you provide, like your date of birth and Social Security number, need to be correct and match what we have on file for you, provided by your school. If you receive an error alert about an incorrect date of birth, Social Security number, or other information, call us at 888.486.4722.

Why Create an Account?

  • Review your loan totals, accrued interest, and other account details
  • Explore your eligibility for different repayment plans
  • Determine deferment and/or forbearance options that will allow you to postpone your payments
  • Make payments
  • Access your current and past messages and eStatements (make sure to sign up!) for up to 12 months

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