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Explore Student Loan Relief Options

Student loans are different from other forms of debt. You have options available to help you make your payments more affordable, postpone repayment during challenging times, and even request student loan forgiveness or discharge under certain circumstances. Discover student loan relief options below.

Nelnet Is Here for You!

As your servicer, we’ll do everything we can to make your student loan experience the best it can be. We know that paying back your student loan can sometimes be confusing or challenging, and we want to help by providing solutions to help you succeed.

Looking for information on the Biden-Harris Administration’s Student Debt Relief plan? For the latest, visit

Getting Ready to Repay?

We have resources to help you prepare for payments to start in October 2023. Visit Get Ready to Repay for guidance based on your situation as well as the new End of Payment Pause section on Nelnet’s FAQs page.

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