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Ready to Repay Videos

We’re excited to present a series of short videos to help you get familiar with the loan repayment process and the many options available to help you afford and manage your loans.

We’ll add more clips to this video library as first payments come due in October. Be sure to check them all out so you are Ready to Repay!

Enrolling in Auto Debit

Find out how to sign up for auto debit, the easiest and most convenient method for paying back your student loans.

Qualifying for PSLF

Discover the eligibility requirements and application process for the Public Service Loan Forgiveness, or PSLF Program.

Applying for the SAVE Plan

Discover SAVE, the newest and most affordable student loan repayment plan.

I'm New to Student Loan Repayment

Find out what to expect as you start making payments on your federal student loans.

Logging In to

Learn the process of logging in to and avoiding errors so you can conveniently manage your student loan account.

Creating Your Online Account

Find out how to set up your account so you can access the latest information on your student loans.

Making Payments

Learn where to find your payment amount and due date on your Nelnet-serviced loans, as well as a variety of payment methods.

I Need to Lower My Payments

Learn about ways to bring down your student loan payments when your monthly amount may not fit your budget.

I Need to Postpone My Payments

Explore options to reduce or delay your payments during challenging times.

Understanding Two-Factor Authentication

Find out about the added step that brings greater security to the process of logging in to your online Nelnet account.

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