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Understanding Your Monthly Billing Statement

Your student loan billing statement provides you with all of the most important information regarding your account. Your statement can help keep you on track and make sure you’re knowledgeable about all account activity. You’ll receive your statement about three weeks before your payment is due each month.

Features of Your Statement

Our statements have been designed to help you find essential information quickly and easily. Learn more about the updated features and benefits in this guide to understanding your statement.

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Screenshot of an example of a Nelnet Loan Statement

Loan Account Details

See a snapshot of your most recent essential account information in the Loan Account Details section of your statement.

Showing a screenshot of the loan account details section on an example statement. Heading of 'Your Student Loan Account Details for This Month's Billing Cycle' is displayed with account information deisplayed below in a two column layout.View Sample Statement

Account Notifications and Information

The best way to manage your student loans is through your account, which is accessible 24/7. Under the online account log in information, you’ll find notifications specific to your account to keep you updated on upcoming deadlines and recent activity.

Log In to Your Account
With your online account you have 24/7 access to:

  • View your account summary
  • Make a payment
  • Explore options to lower or postpone your payments
  • Change your auto debit information

Get Ready to Repay

If your payment pause recently ended, visit for guidance based on your situation, and DIY videos with tools and tips to help you prepare for repayment.


Find tools and resources to make the best repayment decision for you. Most borrowers can lower their payments by enrolling in the new SAVE Plan or other income driven plans. Visit

Special Payment Instructions

You have the option to direct your payments (including partial payments) to individual loans or loan groups, as a one-time or recurring special payment instruction. Please refer to the Special Payment Instructions section on the back of the payment coupon for more details.

Thanks for Your Payment

You are currently enrolled in auto debit payments. This statement is for your information only. Thanks for making your payments on time!

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Making a Payment

If you are currently receiving and making payments by mail, cut the coupon off the bottom of your statement and send it in with your check. Don’t forget to include your account number, including the "E," on your check every month. If you are signed up for eStatements (electronic statements), you can simply log in to your account, select Documents and then click Inbox and Documents. There, the Statements link will bring you to your current statement.

Showing a screenshot of the payment coupon which is located at the bottom of your statement.View Sample Statement

Account Snapshot

On the back of your statement you will find itemized loan information. Loans are grouped by the same loan type and interest rate. Here you can view your daily interest accrual, total payoff amount, and other loan details.

Showing a screenshot of the account snapshot which is loated on the back of your statement.View Sample Statement

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